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Amélie is from Sénégal, born in Dakar, she studied in France majoring in foreign languages and tourism, at the International School “TUNON “ in Normandie.

Her career part included several years in the airlines industry as a Flight Attendant, a Television Announcer and TV Host of various shows in Dakar and Los Angeles. She did host an African television program: “Talking drums the African Voice"on Sundays in channel LA 18, in French and English.  

Her acting career includes:

2002: " Monia and Rama ", a soap opera written and directed by Apolline Traore: she was one of the 3 main actors (Aline), produced by Idrissa Ouedraogo, aired on the French channel TV5 and watched in all African and European countries receiving TV5. Shooting in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

2015: two Certificates of recognition from the State of California and from the Senate, in commemoration of her role in promoting African history and heritage by being a Host for the 2015 African Family Inductees, organized by African Focus.

2016: "FRONTIERES / BORDERS" written and directed by Apolline Traore; main character Hadjara. It’s a road movie in 6 different countries of West Africa, aired in Canal + and TV5:

- Winner of 3 prizes at the FESPACO film festival february 2017 in Ouagadougou.
- Winner of the Audience Award at the Amsterdam film festival in june 2017.

- in 2018 "FRONTIERES / BORDERS" won Best Feature Narrative at the 2018 Panafrican Film Festival in Los Angeles among 173 films presented on february 2018.

- Winner of the price " PERSONS RIGHTS " on april 2018, in Canada (Montréal) at the 34th annual Festival Vues d'Afrique. Now on board of various airlines (long international flights).

- 2019: Best African film ranked ( THE GUARDIAN ): « BORDERS is one of the best 20 African movies »

-2018: "SAKHO & MANGANE", produced by Lagardère Studios in Dakar (Sénégal), an "African X-files" directed by Jean-Luc Herbulot, Toumani Sangare and Hubert Laba Ndao. Her character: Azzara. Aired on Canal Plus channel

- "SAKHO & MAGANE" is ranked in 2020, Best African International Serie at the AFRICAN TALENTS AWARDS in Abidjan.

2019:"GOLDEN" produced by  MARODI in Senegal, main character : « Mage ». À TV série aired on TFM, a local Senegalese channel and on Marodi TV, a private TV channel, and on A+. Amelie is playing for the first time in her native tongue Woloff.

- Winner of the Audience Award at the Teranga Movies Award, Dakar, 2021

- GOLDEN remains one of the 3 Senegal's best.

2019"RENAISSANCE" produced in Senegal, Dakar, by RAES & OSIWA in french and woloff, directed by Hubert L. NDAO and Lahat WONE. Aired in TFM and TV5. About drugs dealers and drugs addictions facing Senegalese justice. Her character: Judge Niang. (Teaser)

2020"EMPPRISES" Serie of 55 episodes produced in Senegal by MARODI, in French, Woloff and English, directed by Thian Thiandoum and Cheikh Diallo, aired in Canal +. As a Principal in that season 1 , a serie of 55 episodes, her character: Rama: (Teaser)

2022"TERRANGA" Serie of 8 episodes produced in Senegal, by KEEWU, in French, directed by Cyril Sebas, aired in Canal Plus. Her character; Mareme.

2022"BIGGER FISH" produced by ARCHIEVER’S MOVIES & ENTERTAINERS, in Los Angeles, independent film in English directed by Prospect Mlemchukwu. Her character as a Principal: Liz.

2022"UNE SI LONGUE LETTRE" produced by KARONINCA, fillm directed by Angele Diabang, in Sénégal. In French and Woloff, her character as a Principal: Ramatoulaye Fall. In post production…>

2023"3 COLD DISHES" produced by ASURF FILMS, in Nigeria, Benin, Ivory Coast. Film in English directed by Asurf Oluseyi . Her character (also as the Narrator): Mama Janice. In post production …..

2023"LEX AFRICANA" serie of 8 épisodes in French and Woloff, produced by KEEWU, in Senegal. Directed by Lewis Martin and Aliou Sow. Her character: Yvonne Dior Thiam. In post production….

2023"AFRICANDA" film produced by TARIRO WASHE, in Rwanda and Zimbabwe; film in English directed by Steven Chikosi. Her character: Dr Thiam. In post production …

- Amelie is hired as a Private Acting Coach to prepare and mentor Actors to enable them to improve their acting and dramatic performances, prepare for auditions and for roles. She also assist for Actors casting.

- As a Coach, Amelie is also providing packages of accelerated training in acting techniques.

- Amelie as an MC, is hosting every year in California, the Independance day of various countries: Angola, Senegal, Guinee Conakry, France etc… She is hosting various events, on demand, anywhere in the world. 

-  Amelie as a Gospel singer, is a member of the Mass Choir of West Angeles Church in LA, presiding by Bishop Blake, with more 4000 members. She is also doing different recordings in studio for CDs as vocal and as a voice over.

-  She has released her latest CD “CONFIDENCE” Christian songs in different languages. Her inspiration: Myriam Makeba…. 

 - Video with Sangue Bi : Link

 - Video clip, ODESZA ft Leon Bridges - Across the room : Link

 - Amelie , singer of the group NIPA: Link

-  On a monthly private events she called “ MELI MELO EVENTS “, Amélie is inviting people in prestigious places in LA:  network, international music, different theme for every event. 

-  In California she is invited in several schools for conferences about African culture, the consequences of European colonisation, about music etc…

-  Amelie is fluent in five languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and of course her native tongue : Woloff


Rest in peace Idrissa Ouedraogo... you produced the first soap opera " Monia & Rama " where I was main character "Aline"... We dedicate you the Price we won in Los Angeles with Frontières/Borders. You were a brother, a friend, a counselor, a guide... Thank You. 

- Que ton âme repose en paix Idrissa Ouedraogo... Tu as produit la première série "Monia & Rama " où j'étais l'actrice principale " Aline "... Nous te dédions le prix que nous avons gagné à Los Angeles avec Frontières. Tu étais un frère, un ami, un conseiller, un guide... Merci.